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Top 10 Reasons To Expunge Your Criminal Record
Date posted: 2011-01-22 03:37:21

    1.) Obtaining Employment. With the current economic times, there are fewer jobs in the workforce and much more applicants. With most employers conducting thorough background checks, a criminal record on your file would most likely place your resume or job application in the bottom of the list or simply disregarded otherwise.

    2.) Obtaining A State License. With a criminal history, obtaining a state license including, nursing, contractor's, real estate, etc can be difficult or even impossible.

    3.) Obtaining Loans. Many financial institution lenders may require that you divulge any criminal records you may have as a security measure of their application procedures and risk assessment. Given that you have a criminal history, you may possibly end up paying higher interest rates, or even denied from obtaining a loan.

    4.) Eligibility For More Educational Opportunities. The majority of colleges, grad schools and even vocational schools require that you disclose your criminal record on your application. Again, because of hard economic and competitive times having that mark on your record can limit you in enrolling into the program of your choice. Scholarships can be revoked from you due to your criminal record. And if you are already enrolled, it is possible you can be removed from the program.

    5.) Guidelines For Eligibility On More Housing Opportunities. There are two ways to look at this. First, Eligibility for governmental housing assistance may not grant you with a criminal record. Second, the private sector for housing are not obligated to rent you with a criminal record. Unfortunately, there are no statues preventing this kind of discrimination towards past “criminals.” Many, if not all, landlords run some sort background check with their potential tenants and having a criminal record where you want or need to reside.

    6.) Avoiding Sentence Enhancement. For most people, having one criminal record is enough to teach them to stay away from such troubles. But sometimes being at the wrong place at the wrong time can get you back into another mess. If you have prior convictions, that very record can be counted against you during the sentencing in any of the similar crimes. Courts tend to go much easier on first time offenders rather than repeat offenders.

    7.) Member To A Professional Organization. Prior to allowing individuals to join their organization, many of these professional organizations conduct some sort of background check.

    8.) Traveling Out Of The Country. Little do most individuals know, Canada along with many other countries restrict entry with a criminal record. This is not a new practice. Many countries deny entry to their country even with misdemeanor charges. For example, Did you know Canada does not allow people with even DUI or drug possession convictions?

    9.) Attraction At First Glance. Because of the explosion of information found on the internet and the rise of crimes from the internet, more people are finding it essential to conduct a background check on their potential dates. This is definitely a spoiler for having dates, because you failed to tell them about your criminal record that you wish you didn't have!

    10.) Obtain Redemption To Your Self Respect. Most people who truly know that the record was a lesson learned, feel embarrassed that others might find their criminal records when a background check is conducted. This would be the most important reason to having your criminal records expunged!

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